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Denim jeans import by USA reaches US $ 533.73 mn

Denim Jeans
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The largest apparel importer in the world, the USA, imported denim trousers worth US $ 533.73 million during January-February 2018. China, Mexico and Bangladesh were the Top 3 exporters to the USA in the category.

Analysing the data released by OTEXA, Apparel Resources concluded that in Men and Boys (MB) category, the US imported jeans worth US $ 254.35 million with a surge of 6.60 per cent on the Y-o-Y basis. Whereas, Women and Girls (WG) denim jeans import during the period was valued at US 279.38 million, marking an increase of 9.23 per cent.

China remains the key exporter in WG category as well followed by Bangladesh, however, Mexico overtook both the countries this time in the MB category to grab the top spot in the tally.

Mexico exported denim trousers valued at US $ 97.24 million (down 6.22%), beating China’s exports value in the same category which stood at just US $ 34.20 million. However, Mexico’s share (US $ 14.83 million) in WG jeans exports was way less than that of China’s share which shipped denim trousers to the US worth US $ 106.57 million – the most among all exporters.

As far as Bangladesh is concerned, it tapped US $ 35.97 million (up 20.13%) value from the export of denim trousers (MB) to the US. On the other hand, in WG category, the South Asian giant shipped jeans to the US worth US $ 30.57 million posting 4.81 per cent growth on the yearly note.