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That’s Massive! Pakistan denim exports to US climbs 36.52%

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Amidst plummeting textile and apparel exports, Pakistan noted a massive surge in its denim trouser exports to the US during January to February 2018 period.

The country marked a staggering 36.52 per cent growth on the Year-on-Year basis and shipped trousers to the US worth US $ 41.16 million.

The surge in denim trouser exports, thereby, has held the key to revive Pakistan’s fluctuating textile and apparel export industry. As per Apparel Resources analysis, the category contributed 18.54 per cent to overall Pakistan’s apparel exports to the US which valued at US $ 222 million during the said period.

Men and Boys (MB) denim trousers earned US $ 13.12 million (up 10.43%) for the country through exports to the US. On the other hand, the export of Women and Girls’ (WG) denim trousers posted a massive growth of 53.45 per cent and clocked US $ 28.04 million.

It’s pertinent to mention here that denim remains the key product for Pakistan as the country targets acceleration in its apparel exports by the end of the current financial year.

The country even announced to give tax breaks to exporters last year, to reverse a 3-year slump in exports with value added products like denim getting the biggest incentives.