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Nordstrom acquires digital tech start-ups to boost its retail business

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Nordstrom Inc., one of the leading fashion retailers in the United States, has announced the acquisition(s) of two digital retail start-ups, BevyUp and MessageYes. The acquisition of these companies is part of Nordstrom’s way to offer a seamless shopping experience to its customers.

Markedly, BevyUp is a leader in retail technology that helps sales associates to converse with each other on the backend and encourages shoppers to share information with each other and browse items together online. This will certainly ease up operations on the store floor and boost sales simultaneously for Nordstrom.

The retailer is now planning to incorporate BevyUp’s digital retail platform into a new, integrated mobile Nordstrom employee app, which is likely to be rolled out in the coming year.

On the other hand, MessageYes gives brands an opportunity to inform and update their customers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated payments through text.

The company feels that investing in technology is the ‘thing’ today which will help them continue to be successful in the future.

“Investing in technologies will give us an opportunity to better serve our customers in a digital world. (With these) the salespeople will be equipped with a mobile suite of capabilities that enables them to be relevant, informative and accessible to our customers,” said Brian Gill, Senior Vice President (Technology) at Nordstrom in a statement issued by the company.

It is being said that these acquisitions are being made as Nordstrom trying to develop an emotional relationship with its customers in the longer run. At the moment, the brand is present with around 365+ stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico; and 232 Nordstrom Rack stores.

Further, the strategic move will allow Nordstrom to continue to evolve along with the changing habits of its customers as these retail companies offer the technology to know shoppers’ preferences as the retail business environment is changing faster than ever before.