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Alice Manufacturing shutting down its 50-year-old Ellison Plant in US

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USA-based Alice Manufacturing Company, which has been producing the highest quality fabrics in the world for more than 90 years, has announced the closure of its Ellison Plant located in South Carolina.

The Ellison Plant, which operates on Lean and Six Sigma principles, manufactures a wide array of cotton and poly/cotton greige goods in widths ranging up to 140” (3600 mm), and apparel and yarns for home furnishings.

At least 175 people are likely to lose jobs as the manufacturer will start phasing out its operations from June 30, 2018, onwards.

However, the company is trying to retain those affected with other facilities in Pickens County as employees of the Ellison plant have been described as “heart and soul” of the company.

Markedly, Ellison Plant has been operational since the year 1968.

The workers at the Plant are being offered training as well as scholarships for continuing education for a smooth transition.

Flood of imports from producers in non-market economies has brought tremendous change in the vibrant US and NAFTA markets in the recent years on which plants like Ellison were majorly dependent.

In view of the rapid changes in the global textile market, the company started a fashion bedding business in 2000 and now it is hopeful to have terrific synergies and build on its successful platform.

Alice Manufacturing Company is committed to delivering the best fabric to the market. The company is aimed to help its customers improve product quality by using premium grade raw materials and efficient manufacturing processes.