Amazon files patent for Virtual Reality mirror

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American e-retail mammoth Amazon’s latest patent application comes in the form of a Virtual Reality mirror that offers a blended reality view to users which entails trying clothes on without ‘actually’ having to wear them.

The patent application describes the mirrors as the unique visual displays that can improve the user experience. Blended reality is achieved by integrating different portions of the screen transmitted through the mirror and the illuminated objects reflected by it. The mirror works based on a technology known as ‘Pepper’s ghost’. Illusionary tech is used to superimpose a virtual object over another layer, thereby enabling the users to adjust lighting preferences and explore different viewing angles for an enhanced experience (similar to that of a virtual fitting room).

‘User experience’ has taken the centre stage in fashion and how one perceives it, with the spike in demand for VR and AR across industries. In today’s day and age, it is crucially vital for companies and brands to embrace such technology in order to keep up with the increasing competitiveness.

While beauty brands have comparatively been faster to accommodate AR/VR collaborations into their working, apparel companies have picked onto the trend slower, comparatively.

This move on Amazon’s part will serve as a wakeup call to other fashion visionaries to finally embrace the future of retail and fashion.