Bold Metrics launches AI-powered solution to address fit issues

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US-based Bold Metrics, a provider of machine learning technology to predict human body measurements, has introduced a new product – Apparel Insights (BMI AI) to the fashion market.

Apparel Insights, which comes with the company’s patented AI technology, is able to address the sizing and fit issues in garments with a data-driven approach.

“With our new technology and Apparel Insights, brands can now collect complete body measurement data of their consumers and can utilise the data further to take decisions on sizing and fit,” said Daina Burnes, Co-Founder and CEO of Bold Metrics. 

The company decided to take advantage of the opportunity available in offering actual data of the wearer rather than the conventional Fit Model use wherein the apparel brands rely on the measurements of a fit model, usually a size 6, and use those measurements as a benchmark which may not go down well with other body types and becomes the reason for ‘returns’ in online retail business which are 30 per cent on average. The percentage rises up to 50 per cent for garment products like denim.

Markedly, the brands go for ‘sizing up and down’, known as grading of measurements, to make garments of larger sizes. The Fit Model approach fails here as the body shapes do not vary uniformly in larger sizes, thus creating fit issues among customers.

The disparity between the actual customer data and fit model data have led to the trend of customisation in the fashion industry. Moreover, as shopping is just a click away, the issues of wrong sizing have increased over time which varies from brand to brand and garment to garment.

“The reality is that we’re still living in a world where clothes are made using a process that was developed over 100 years ago,” underlined Morgan Linton, Co-Founder and COO of Bold Metrics.

Apparel Insights Bold Metrics
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The thrust on apparel sizing has increased as customers want their garments to be just perfect. The latest garment innovation by Bold Metrics will allow brands to take an AI-driven approach to product ‘fit’ woes.

So how it works? It is being said that the tool (BMI AI)-created data can be enriched with the product information to provide insights that can make an impact from customer experience upstream to garment specifications, thus providing a deep understanding on how garment patterns match to the wearer’s dimensions, giving granular fit data.