Italy’s IMA SpA celebrates 40th anniversary, launches TYPHOON 70 Cutter

IMA unveiled TYPHOON 70 Cutter during the event

IMA SPA, a leading cutting solutions provider to apparel, furniture, technical textiles and automotive industry, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary at its headquarters in Palazzolo, Italy.

The Italian juggernaut, which is experiencing unprecedented demand for its advanced cutting solutions, graciously hosted over 200 guests from around the world to celebrate its 40 years in business.

The visitors were also treated with a tour to the Bergamo city, the IMA headquarters and the company’s manufacturing facilities where they were greeted by the Founder Luciano Sardini, Executive Managing Director Mirella Sardini, Managing Director of IMA Asia Guna Sekaran and Marketing Director of IMA Asia Krutika Garg.

The one-day celebration also witnessed the much-anticipated launch of TYPHOON 70 Cutter which is a result of the company’s extensive efforts towards developing Industry 4.0 solutions.

Luciano Sardini, Founder, IMA S.p.A., Italy (Centre), Guna Sekaran, Managing Director, IMA Asia (Left) and Mirella Sardini, Executive Managing Director, IMA S.p.A

The TYPHOON 70 Cutter has been developed by IMA in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, especially for the cutting of hard materials and denim fabrics. The machine will be commercially available by 2018.

After the launch of the cutter, a presentation was also shown to all the visitors. Displayed on the fence outside the factory, the 7-minute presentation attracted everyone’s attention as IMA showcased its four decades of innovations.

The presentation was followed by dinner and a special award distribution ceremony where IMA honoured its best employees and performers.

“This is just a start as we believe we have a long way to go. It’s like climbing a mountain where when you reach a certain point and realise now the real challenges will start obstructing your way but still, you move ahead confidently. We are happy to complete our 40 years in business and I thank all the people who supported us all through the years,” said Luciano Sardini.