Gerber Technology announces major software advancements

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Gerber Technology has announced some key advancements in its software range at the annual fashion technology conference ideation 2017 held recently in Los Angeles, USA.

The company’s announcements are said to enable its customers to optimise their digital workflow at a time when digitalisation is becoming an emerging trend world over.

“We continue to be focused on making our products easy to try, buy and most importantly easy to use for customers of all sizes,” said Karsten Newbury, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software Solutions Group.

According to a press release issued by Gerber, AccuMark Cloud is the latest advancement in the AccuMark software with the cloud computing benefits.

The next on the list is AccuMark Creator which leverages the core functionality of YuniquePLM product in the form of simple AccuMark add-on modules beginning with Virtual Sample Management. This allows AccuMark users a much more efficient collaboration with the industry partners.

Gerber is also partnering with Avametric on an advanced 3D simulation engine in order to boost the market for 3D products. The technology provider plans to cover the complete apparel value chain through design, development and production under this collaboration.

Furthermore, YuniquePLM 8.0, the upgraded version of YuniquePLM 7.0, will be launched in 2018, Gerber announced. It is said to be a user-friendly cloud-based PLM solution with more intuitive functionalities. The software will come with an in-built self-guided tutorial.

The aforementioned product innovations are a direct result of customer input and feedback.

“Gaining insight from our customers is imperative to our product research and development process. Our innovation is focused on how we enable our customers’ Digital Transformation so they can be agile and competitive in today’s internet-driven markets,” said Newbury.