Toad & Co. deploys Gerber’s YuniquePLM to eliminate data errors

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Toad & Co., a US-based sustainable fashion retailer, has deployed a Product Lifecycle Management software YuniquePLM provided by Gerber Technology to reduce errors in data entry. The process is considered as a laborious task and the retailer now aims to automate it through the PLM.

The deployment of the technology will help the fashion company to house all the data in a central repository and eliminate the duplicate entries.

“Duplicate data entry will be something of the past once we employ. Our team will realize reduced development time and eliminate time-consuming errors throughout the product development process making our business more sustainable over time,” commented Kelly Milazzo, Vice President (Operations), Toad & Co.

Further, the criticality of data entry, while using multiple excel spreadsheets, e-mails or tracking documents, can be easily rectified with Gerber PLM. The communication throughout the product development stage and management stage will also be enhanced greatly in lesser time and with minimum human efforts.

According to Bill Brewster, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Software Solutions, Gerber, Toad & Co. is inclined towards making sustainable garments and Gerber will support the company on their mission of being sustainable and simultaneously saving time on various processes.